This is my 2nd blog. It belongs to slefanitsa :D I mainly post about Japanese actors' photos here. Warning: may content sexiness and kawaiiness, please be safe! ^^ And please check out my credit page to see the source, sankyuu!
♥ Yamamoto Yusuke
♥ Sato Takeru
♥ Sakamoto Shougo
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Chrome Themes

Hello there! It has been a while since I posted some edits here. I’m sorry I’ve been away lately :’D But don’t worry guys! Here, I have some chrome themes for you to use, okay? It’s free! I hope you like them~

Yamamoto Yusuke (01)

Sato Takeru (01)

Sakamoto Shougo (01)

I’m going to post some more, but please be patient! Thank you :D

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I saw some lurkers lol :3 Do you want me to continue posting Takeru or… do you want me to post another ikemen? Yusuke maybe? x)

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